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Counseling and Life Coaching can be one of the most life-changing gifts you can give yourself, and my commitment is to give you a dynamic, empowering perspective around your situation and several action steps every time we talk.

Counseling is not just for those who are hurting. Many of my clients are high-achieving, growth-focused individuals who believe as I do, that ANYONE can benefit from counseling or life coaching, and that EVERYONE has the potential to grow.

People may also seek therapy when they are in crisis, are depressed, just need an objective person to offer feedback, have a specific current problem or have old wounds that need healing. I can take on many different roles depending on the needs of the client.

My style is direct and active, yet it is you the client who will make your own decisions and be in control. I work with people of all races, cultures, religions and sexual orientations to lead more satisfying lives.

Life Coaching

Coaching is used to improve your life, personally or professionally and create a life you love. It is a one on one collaboration. Instead of focusing on what is wrong and how it went wrong, coaching is designed to move you forward towards your goals you design with a focus on what you really want.

What specific areas can you work on in a Coaching process?

Life Transitions
Setting boundaries