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Powerful Questions to ask yourself
Who am I?
Where am I in my life?
What do I want from my life?
What is important to me?
What can I learn now?
What would I do if I had no fear?
What do I do to nurture myself?
What and who can help me?
What does success look like to me?
What changes do I need to make?

Ask yourself these questions. 
Answer and get to know yourself; this can help you become more powerful in your life.
Schedule an appointment to discuss your answers.
Disclaimer: Any information obtained from this website is not and is not intended to be psychotherapy or a substitute for medical and/or mental health evaluation or treatment. All information posted is intended for educational purposes only. Consult with a mental health provider for individual advice regarding your mental health.
Strategies to Empower Yourself
Unconditionally accept yourself.

Find your interests and do them.

Utilize your support group.

Find the positives of a bad situation.

Develop self-discipline.

Don't put yourself down.

Be kind to others.

Take healthy risks.

Celebrate YOU!
Anger Management Strategies
• Relax and take a timeout- use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, counting to 10, visualizing a relaxing scene.

• Communicate assertively and listen.

• Do something physical to have a healthy outlet for your anger.  

• Respond instead of react- choose how to deal with anger; it is empowering to know you are in charge of your response, rather than being controlled by other circumstances or people.

• Problem solve.

• Use positive self-talk.

• Utilize stress management techniques.

• Practice forgiveness.

Learning to manage your anger takes practice, but when achieved the benefits are worth it. You do possess the ability to manage your anger in an appropriate manner. If you feel your anger is out of control consider counseling to learn how to handle it better.
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