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About Me
The purpose of Counseling and Life Coaching is to guide you to reach YOUR goals.

As a respectful, understanding and compassionate therapist and life coach, I help you develop strategies for positive changes to help you meet your goals.

I received my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Florida Atlantic University to help people like you and me live their best lives no matter what our challenges may present. My passion lies in helping people to get through their overwhelming changes, to heal, and start enjoying life again, and figure out who they are, what they want their life to look like through one-on-one coaching. I’ve been blessed to help hundreds of people live their best life.

 I discovered that my life could be fantastic, not perfect, but really, really good.  I learned my true desire was to help others, like me, to get to the other side, from pain to peace, to a living a life I love.

You can love your life. You can and will experience joy again. I’ve walked this road before and I will support you as you walk it. We will have fun doing it because enjoyment makes you feel alive again. You’ve suffered enough! So get ready to let go of your past story and start rewriting your new story. As a life coach I can help you navigate this new world both one-on-one or in group settings. 

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I work to inspire you to feel empowered and bravely and boldly design a life you love.
 I work with personal development lovers and ambitious individuals
 who know they were born for more, and are ready to live their best life.